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  • Calling all BI analytics programmers. Take the week off.
    If you are unfortunate enough to have already implemented a business intelligence analytics tool that requires hours of IT resources (and waiting for IT resources), don’t’ despair. There is still hope. It just doesn’t seem right that the tools that  Continue Reading »

  • Before beginning important efforts, conduct business analytics

    It's hard to think up a case for not using business intelligence today. These processes have become an ingrained part of organizations in nearly every field because they provide something that firms of all descriptions really need - insight about what may be coming next. This is universally appreciated as a competitive advantage, something that can be the determining factor in a direct competition between two firms. Businesses try hard to get even a small sliver of advantage over their closest rivals, and if the right figures become available at a critical moment, BI may represent far more...

  • Budgeting benefits from BI

    Companies that manage their internal processes without the help of business intelligence may end up significantly behind their peers that do commit to this technology. The advantages are clear today, with plenty of successful examples of BI use already out there. The act of collecting and using data is essential if firms want to know the facts about their operations rather than making guesses. No matter how on-point intuition may be on occasion, it pales in comparison to analytics processes that actually deal with the content that has built up in organizations' systems. This is where companies...

  • Trends of the new BI: Collaborative BI – No man is an island
    Over the next few weeks, I’ll be diving into some of the trends that are driving Business Intelligence 3.0. Let’s start off with something that’s got BI people talking. In-system BI collaboration. So big deal. You can communicate with your  Continue Reading »

  • TOP 10 Business Intelligence predictions for 2015
    TOP Business Intelligence Predictions for 2015 from Peter Denis 2015 is knocking on the door, and it is going to be an exciting and surprising year for the BI industry. Panorama has been known to be on top of the  Continue Reading »