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  • Beyond the basics: The value of visualization
    Visualization is a modern BI advantage that enables effective responses to data.

  • Analytics in the real world: Improving roads
    For great examples of BI in action, look at transit systems.

  • Business intelligence can revolutionize small companies
    Businesses of all sizes can master BI with a clear-headed approach.

  • Business intelligence and mobility, together at last


    Today's technology trends are growing into one cohesive unit. The office of tomorrow will be emboldened by a combination of cloud technology, big data access, mobility, self-service technology and highly evolved forms of business intelligence. These trends support one another and, when taken together, will provide a solid foundation for effective enterprises. Companies that refuse to change with the times run a very real risk of being left behind by their more capable peers. To stop this happening, it's time to both embrace new tech paradigms as they...

  • World of Analysis on the World Cup

    Infographic Worldcup

    Similar to a world champion Olympic sprinter, the Spanish national team seemingly stumbled out of the blocks so badly that their tournament was over almost as quickly as it had started. The spectacular and quite unexpected surprise of this year’s World Cup was the level of parody between power-house and underdog teams with a special mention to Costa Rica. They were unarguably this year’s overwhelming underdog of the tournament, surprising everyone! (ie. A bet of $1 on Costa...