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Maxmetrics is an International Management and Information Technology consulting firm, offering services in implementing complex projects and programs and in optimizing management and decision taking. Maxmetrics openly shares its knowledge, experience, and best practices by publishing methodologies and books on implementing and delivering software engagements and modernizing organizations to use information more effectively. Maxmetrics has offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Heidelberg, Germany.
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Agile & Project Management Stammtisch
We published the results of a survey we conducted in 2019 on “Roles in a Project and Project Success” on Agile and Project Management.  
The aim of the research was to answer the following questions: Are project managers engaged in agile projects? Who executes the project management tasks in project applying agile methodologies?
  • Agile Coaches Vs Project Managers: Do we need both? Friday, 27.09.2019
  • Impact of Scaling Agile Projects – Different scaling methodologies Friday, 25.10.2019
  • Scaling Agile Projects – Pros and Cons Friday, 29.11.2019
  • Are there differences between the agile and non-agile projects regarding scaling projects? Friday, 31.01.2020

You can find a summary of the survey on our blog at the following location:


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