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Announcing Agile Project Management Stammtisch – Starting in September 2019

Recently, we published the results of a survey we conducted in 2019 on Roles in a Project and Project Success on Agile and Project Management.

By Victoria Vaca

The aim of the research was to answer the following questions:

  • Are project managers engaged in agile projects?
  • Who executes the project management tasks in project applying agile methodologies?

We would like to share and discuss the results with like-minded project managers.  Therefore, we invite you to a discussion forum conducted by Gloria Miller called Project Management Stammtisch at our offices in Heidelberg, Germany.

Stammtisch Schedule:

  1. Friday, 27.09.2019 – Agile Coaches Vs Project Managers: Do We Need Both?
  2. Friday, 25.10.2019 – Impact of Scaling Agile Projects – Different Scaling Methodologies
  3. Friday, 29.11.2019 – Scaling Agile Projects – Pros and Cons
  4. Friday, 31.01.2020 – Are There Differences Between The Agile And Non-agile Projects Regarding Scaling Projects?

For further information about these workshops and to register, please send mail to register[at]

You can find a summary of the survey on our blog at the following location: