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Upcoming presentation “SocialMedia: the 3 things you need to know to better sell yourself or benefit your business” HDHIP

On January 25th, I will presenting on “Social Media: the 3 things you need to know to better sell yourself or benefit your business” at the Heidelberg International Professional Women’s Forum.

I plan to talk about the topic based on my personal experience as professional, a mother, and an expat. The following is an copy of the event announcement.

Hello HIP Women,

A reminder for next Saturday’s HIP event. Please note that we are trying a new venue that’s offering a special breakfast buffet – 15€ all inclusive. Let us know how you like it!

When: Saturday, January 25th

Where: Das Lamm Heidelberg
Pfarrgasse 3
D-69121 Heidelberg

What: Breakfast buffet

Cost: 15€ for the buffet, due to the cost of the buffet no donations will be collected.

What to bring: Your questions and challenges regarding your internet marketing development.
RSVP: By Thursday January 23rd using the Doodle link below:
Doodle registration for our January event!

Feel free to bring a friend by having her sign in the Doodle.

Social Media: the 3 things you need to know to better sell yourself or benefit your business with Gloria Miller.
We’re beginning the year with a pragmatic look at using Social Media to boost our professional profiles and promote our businesses. Gloria Miller, a recognized public speaker with a 30 year background in Information Technology, will be sharing her expertise and answering your questions.
Gloria will share with us the results of a study done by a large organization describing the benefits of savvy usage of Social Media. She will help us answer such questions as:

  • Which tools are best for me?
  • What simple but regular steps should I be implementing?
  • What frequency? What cost? What focus?

Founder and Managing Consultant at maxmetrics, Gloria Miller has a long history in business and technology. From Task Manager, through Project Manager, to being the Executive Director for the Board of Directors at SAS and Vice President of their Professional Services, to founding and managing her own IT consulting organization, maxmetrics, Gloria has accumulated a wealth of experience in business development.
Mother of a teenager, an expat for 20 years, an author, a small business owner, and a project management Consultant, Gloria also takes time for golfing, skiing and watching American TV series!

So join us January 25th to start implementing more effective Social Media strategy!

Warm Regards,
Patricia Comolet
Steering Committee Member

About the HIP Women’s Forum
The purpose of the Heidelberg International Professional (HIP) Women’s Forum is to bring together women from various international firms and backgrounds to exchange ideas, learn from one another’s experiences, and develop skills that will enhance both professional and personal success. Our hope is that such a forum will also provide an opportunity to connect women who are seeking new challenges and directions to others who have distinguished themselves in their profession and community.

Steering Committee, HIP Women’s Forum:
Fabiana Matucci, Shuchi Sharma, Kerstin Lambert, Patricia Comolet, Birte Hoekstra and Jennifer Watson