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What is your experience with agile?


We are planning an update to our book [amazon text=Going Agile Project Management Practices&asin=098864830X] by including experiences from project managers and team members on using agile practices.

Two years ago we had great success asking project managers for case studies and their personal experiences on “going agile”. So we would like to ask again…

If you have a case study, some guidance, or recommendations for other project managers that want to “go agile”, we want to use your story.

Send us an email at going.agile [at] maxmetrics [dot] com.

We will provide you with a  copy of the  epub or kindle version once the book is released.

It is very simple: tell us  about your project or company and its use of an agile methodology or an agile transition.  For example:

  • What agile practices did you use and why?
  • Who was on the project team & why?
  • How did you manage risks?
  • What were the critical success factors?
  • What were the challenges you faced and resolved (or not)?
  • What would you recommend to others?

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