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Next Workshop: Saturday, 8th May 2021 — What are The Differences Between Agile and Non-Agile Projects?

In the last few years, the agile wave has taken hold in Germany. If you work within the information technology sector or for one of the big software houses, then “agile” has been practiced by your organization for months or years. Recently, as the predominant agile methodology, Scrum is being used and rolled out to non-IT areas as well. When is an agile methodology right to the project? When not? How do you decide?

First, we discuss the difference in agile, agility, and agile methodologies, then the critical differences between agile and non-agile methodologies, the factors that influence the methodology decision, and tailoring the selected methodology. We cover scaling up or scaling down an agile methodology, adding risk mitigations to an agile methodology, and adding agility to a traditional methodology.

We hope to have a lively discussion about choosing a suitable methodology for your project. If you worked on agile projects, you could contribute your real-world experience to the discussion. If you are new to agile, you can get an overview of the agile hype and what it could mean to you and your team.

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Gloria Miller’s Workshop at the Heidelberg International Professional (HIP) Women’s Forum On Saturday, 8th May 2021