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Project Management Service

Enabling Teams and Project Managers

Most projects are complicated, and the completely distributed working driven by the pandemic didn’t make project work easier. Nevertheless, project sponsors and program offices still need to ensure projects deliver their expected benefits.

This Project Management Service is targeted at project sponsors and program managers that have an urgent project and want to ensure a timely, professional delivery using their own project team. It works for projects already on an agile journey or traditional projects that want to be flexible to change and ensure timely delivery.

The service is designed to tackle three of the biggest challenges felt in a project:

  • First, increasing the awareness of the leadership team on the possible meaning and impacts of using differing project methodologies. Aligning scope, expectations, and constraints between the project sponsors and the project team.
  • Second, working with team members on understanding the different roles, practices, and tools that support applying agile methodologies. Tailoring the methodology to be appropriate based on the project type and scale.
  • Finally, avoiding the frustration, confusion, and exhaustion that can be felt when first applying new or different practices.

Service Content

The Project Management Service is designed to focus the project team’s energy and support the leadership team to meet the project goals. It is composed of:

  1. Remote planning workshops, consulting, observations, and coaching.
    • 24 hours of workshops for joint planning objectives & approach
    • 8 hours/month observations of performance
    • 24 hours/months consulting & coaching
  2. ‘Going Agile Project Management Practices – Third Edition’ Book
  3. The Project Win GameTM – See explainer video below

Contact: Gloria Miller | LinkedInVictoria Vaca | LinkedIn

Check the explainer video below!

See explainer video for The Project Win GameTM :