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Federico Bellani on “Adoption and Evolution of Agile Practices Over Time”

Today, Federico Bellani released his research on the Adoption and Evolution of Agile Method Practices. The research is an extensive litature review supported by survey results from 194 worldwide participants and extensive survey analysis. Some of his findings on agile practices fall inline with the results from the VersionOne annual survey on the state of agile.


  • Scrum is the most used agile methodology.
  • Agile projects most frequently consist of teams with less than 10 team members.
  • Agile teams are frequently colocated.
  • Some of the most frequently used practices include daily stand-ups, backlog, and task boards.

However, due to the depth and breath of his analysis, we can learn more about the application of the agile practices. For example:

  • how strongly the Scrum practices are practiced by Scrum teams
  • what grouping of agile practices are most frequently used together
  • what are the most abandoned agile practices
  • why team size and location are the key factors in determining the agile practices that are used
  • why the team members are the ones to decide the practices to use.

The value of the research is that it provides significant insights into how agile is practiced throughout the world.


Bellani Federico, Adoption and Evolution of Agile Method Practice, April 2013

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