Project Management

2013…What a year! maxmetrics successes and challenges

Once upon a time.. I was very naive to think I could spend a few days or weeks to write a book: “Going Agile Project Management Practices”. I just wanted to document some of my experience about project management specifically being agile. Well, in the end the book project took six months and involved about 35 people. During this time, I was overwhelmed by the number of people that volunteered experience, input, feedback, and time to write, rewrite, review, etc. Just to think about the support I received makes me quite emotional.

Now it is one year later, and we have sold 500 copies of the book. That is amazing, because we did not expect to sell any. Ok, we thought we would sell a few, but mostly we wanted to use it for our consulting and workshops. We wanted people to know that we have an experience and a voice on project management. In addition, to the book success, we have been involved in some of the most interesting and innovation projects in the Business Intelligence space. We have had engagements around Grid, Social Media, Visual Analytics, Cloud Computing, Competency Centers, etc. Therefore, in the professional sense 2013 was a success.

On the other hand, our personal lives were a bit more strained. We have lost some good colleagues and friends. For this we are deeply sadden and have a great sense of lost. But, the people we lost were such a powerful influences in our personal and professional lives that they are with us almost every day. I often find myself still making decisions based upon their influence, trying to show as much passion and professionalism as they did for their tasks, and finding the kind of joy and beauty in people, places and activates that they did.

2013…What a year. Now, I would just like to thank you for your support, your thoughts, and your business. We look forward to 2014 with much anticipation. To follow our activities, like our facebook fan page and follow us on twitter @maxmetrics.

Best regards, Gloria & Victoria