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About Team Members Types and Personalities in Agile Projects

We have written about how the agile coach deals with the different types of team members observing and determining the right level of support and guidance to give.

Based on a few past projects, we could identify several team member personalities and behaviors that have a positive and negative impact on the execution of the project.

The Team Members Types

1. The I-take-that or filling-the-gap type

Reliable and willing to learn, valuable as loyal supporter of the team, hates conflicts; takes on tasks enthusiastically no one else wants. Creative, solves problems: If something has to be done, he/she does it.

2. The flexible and dynamic type

Willing to try new things and a willing listener and observer. Accepts a dynamic and changing environment.

3. The positive and negative feedback-giver

Analyzes and understands every project detail and complexity to give valuable feedback. Supports the team with difficult decisions.

4. The understanding and good-vibe type

Doesn’t complain when other team members cause problems or rework. Gets on and does the job with a positive outlook on how to succeed.

5. The why-should-I-collaborate or the LONE-RANGER type

“Give me my task and I work on it. I don’t want to speak with any one, If I need something, I won’t ask. I will make a decision alone”. He/she likes working alone or only with experts.

6. The I-don’t-care-and-I am-not-responsible or DIVA type

Doesn’t care about what other team members do, but wants them to prepare everything so that he/she can do his/her job. Tries to tell everyone else what to do. Slow to see new tasks or issues, but thinks he/she does his/her job perfectly and nobody else does.

7. The I-know-everything-and-better-than-you-all type

Specialist, single-minded, can put knowledge into context, but doesn’t always want to do it. Provides support if he/she wants to, but doesn’t recognize the achievements of others.

8. Over communicator type

To every question or discussion, explains in a lot of detail including the history of human origins. Loses people in the discussion. No one is ever sure how the answer is related to the question or the situation so stop engaging altogether.

9.  Indecisive type

Indecisive, un-inspiring and slow-moving. Gets the job done in silence once someone else makes the decisions.

10. The tell-me-what-to-do type

With lack of initiative, he/she needs a plan and that somebody tells him/her what to do and he/she will do it. Does not take personal initiative.

In addition to the personality and behavior experience with the subject domain is also a factor. It is possible to work with all these types in agile projects; it is a matter of coaching, facilitating, and observing as posted in our past article.

We are sure there are more TYPES and would love to hear more about them from you.

What is your experience regarding team-personalities?

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