Project Management

About Project Manager Profiles

We think a lot about people on projects.

Some time ago, we wrote about how the agile coach deals with the different types of team members observing and determining the right level of support and guidance to give. Then, we identified several team member personalities and behaviors that have a positive and negative impact on the execution of the project.

Now, we have been working with different project managers. We have compiled ten project manager profiles, including their competencies, leadership qualities and even their avatars with names.

1. Arif

The Achiever is good at achieving results, is curious and seeks information to know more about things, people, or issues.

2. Suwa

The Super(wo)man is good at everything, Has concern for order, quality, and accuracy. Has a keen interpersonal understanding of people.

3. Igor

The Egotist is good at self-promotion, is self-aware and self-confident. Achieves results through the influence of his/her outgoing personality.

4. Oswald

The Politician has self-control and self-awareness. Stays focused on a course of action or reaching a specific objective even when faced with personal challenges or criticisms.

5. Nia

The Negotiator is good at making deals, able to find a win-win or comprises in most situations. Communicates with others and listens to others their viewpoints to arrive at decisions.

6. Yasmin

The Influencer or Lobbyist is good at getting management and senior professionals to act. Works to build and maintain relationships and network of contacts.

7. Rocco

The Coach builds effective teams. Is able to develop, coach, and mentor direct reports. Encourages team members to take on challenges, solve problems, and be accountable.

8. Erica

The Leader is good at building connection between people working for them. Gives team members autonomy to work and encourages them to take on challenges, solve problems, and be accountable.

9. Visola

The Visionary is good at painting a vision but no details. Has the ability to describe the image of the future state and is innovative in achieving it.

10. Hoshi

The Networker is good building networks of people. Flexible and dynamic at adapting to different situations, individuals, or groups.

Artwork by Wiebke Wetzel. Copyright maxmetrics GmbH 2021.