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Project Management Service

Enabling Teams and Project Managers Most projects are complicated, and the completely distributed working driven by the pandemic didn’t make project work easier. Nevertheless, project sponsors and program offices still need to ensure projects deliver their expected benefits. This Project Management Service is targeted at project sponsors and program managers that have an urgent project… Continue reading Project Management Service

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SPI annouces service market is in good shape, agile drives smaller team size, and BI users show better results

On February 8, 2013, Service Performance Insight (SPI) released the 2013 Professional Services Maturity(tm) Benchmark.  The report analyzes data from 234 organizations and 55,000 consultants that participated in a 2013 survey, and comparative data from five years of past survey data.  SPI is a global research, consulting and training company.

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Most Software Companies Depend Heavily on Their Services Revenue

The Association of Support Professionals published a new benchmark study for maintenance and professional services. The study is based upon a hundred public software and technology companies. ASPs findings were that post-sale services now contribute more total revenue than product and license sales for most high-end software companies. Specifically, In a typical company post-sale services… Continue reading Most Software Companies Depend Heavily on Their Services Revenue